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Severely crowded teeth and blocked out teeth, treated with extraction of teeth and Damon® brackets.


Narrow upper arch

Treated with tooth extraction of first premolars with Damon brackets, without a palatal expander, within 20 months.

Severe crowding and rotation of teeth

Treated with Invisalign®, without extraction of teeth, combined with AcceleDent® to speed up the orthodontic treatment.

Impacted upper canine and deep bite

Treated with conventional braces and surgical exposure of the canine over 20 months.

Constricted upper jaw and cross bite

Treated with clear self-ligating braces, for 18 months.

Open bite secondary to tongue thrust

Treated in one year with self-ligating speed braces.

Gapped teeth with severe rotations and open bite

Treated with Damon self-ligating brackets and AcceleDent to accelerate treatment (12 months).

Severe crowding, and underbite, blocked-out teeth

Treated with extraction of four premolars, with Harmony® lingual braces and Wilckodontics® to decrease treatment time.

Spacing of the upper teeth, with crossbite (edge-to-edge position of the incisors), and missing two upper teeth

Treated with Invisalign teeth and AcceleDent.

Severe upper and lower crowding of the teeth and blocked-out canines, with cross bite

Treated with speed braces and Propel to enhance treatment efficiency.

Underbite, and crowded teeth, cross bite

Treated with custom-made lingual braces, in 20 months.

Rotated and overlapped teeth

Treated with extraction of all four first premolars with self-ligating braces over 24 months.

Constricted upper arch and overlapped teeth

Treated with palatal expander with no extraction, and Damon brackets.

Severe deep bite and gapped teeth

Treated with Invisalign Teen® and AcceleDent to decrease treatment time over the course of 24 months.

our patients love us!

  • "Dr Saba is outstanding and my comfort and excellent results have been her top priority throughout my treatment. I could tell from the first visit I met her. She pays a lot of attention to detail."~ Adam
  • "The assistants are very well trained and professional. If you have any concerns or issues, they get back to you immediately. Overall it's been a very pleasant experience. I will miss my friends at Saba Orthodontics once I am finished with treatment."~ Elly
  • "Dr Saba and her team are very personable and extremely professional. My situation was quite complicated, and therefore I had done an extensive research to find the best orthodontist who has had a lot of experience treating my condition, and using the hidden braces."~ Geeta
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