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Wilckodontics Shortens The Time To Wear Braces Drastically

Many people often wonder “Why are braces so important for dental health?” The reason why this question is often posed is primarily because of the initial discomfort and food restrictions that is generally associated with braces. Initially, they seldom see the benefit of getting braces. However, there are several oral benefits, as well as overall health advantages, to braces. What this orthodontic treatment will do is correct whatever dental problems that an individual might have, such as reshaping and realigning teeth. Some other problems that braces can fix are a protruding jaw line, an overbite or underbite, and the prevention of irregularly sized teeth, just to name a few.


Given this information and the practicality of braces, the next question that generally follows is the length of time the braces have to be on. Actually, that answer will vary depending on the person and the severity of malocclusion (misaligned teeth). However, typically the average time frame is about two-three years. When patients hear that, some tend to shy away from getting the procedure. In response to that apprehension, new developments in the field of orthodontics have made it possible to shorten that time frame drastically. This new method is called Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) or Wilckodontics


The Wilckodontics procedure will shorten the length of treatment down to a period of three to eight months. This has become a very attractive alternative to teenagers and adults alike who do not want to keep traditional braces on for such an extended period of time. Wilckodontics is feasible for just about anyone, no matter the age, just as long as all of their permanent teeth are available. It is a type of mild invasive surgery combined with the traditional or lingual bracket system. An oral surgeon would go into the gum and adjust the affected bone so that any teeth realignment that needs to happen can occur at a much faster pace, guided by the brackets which are attached to the teeth. Additionally, because the patients’ teeth are shifting or moving through bone that has been softened the discomfort that is normally associated with braces is markedly reduced. An added bonus is that patients can even choose which bracket system they want, from metal, ceramic, lingual, and even speed braces, if they are concerned with how they will look with braces. Although this procedure costs more than conventional orthodontic treatment, because of the added surgical expense, many cite the advantage of being able to get the braces off in less than a year, and to be able to resume their normal life, as the best benefit.    To get started, you will need to schedule a consultation appointment with an orthodontist trained and experienced in Wilckodontics, who will then refer you to an oral surgeon who is also trained in this technique. Dr. Saba provides first time consultations free of charge. You may call our VA office at 703-404-7222 or our DC office at 202-223-2000 to get more information.