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How to Take Care of an Orthodontic Wire that is Poking

A wire that’s poking can create sore areas on your lips and cheeks. If the end of the arch wire is out of the tube and if the wire is flexible enough you can re-insert the wire into the tube, using a small utility plier found at home. If you are able to reach the sharp wire, use a small utility plier or a cuticle cutter and cut the end. Sometimes the steel ligature that’s tied around a bracket can stick out into your lip/cheek area. These ligature wires are flexible and you can use the eraser end of a pencil and push the ligature wire under the wire. If the wire is too long and it’s hard to reach in order to cut it, then place wax on the area until you can be seen at our office. Give us a call at our Sterling VA office: 703-404-7222 or at our District of Columbia office: 202-223-2000 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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