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Wilckodontics Washington DC & Sterling VA

More efficient orthodontic treatment, as short as 6-8 months, with more stable results. This treatment is available for teens and adults. Any type of bracket system can be used with this technique (metal, ceramic, Lingual (behind the teeth) and speed braces).

Wilckodontics, also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO), involves a periodontal procedure combined with orthodontics to reach end results of straight teeth 3 to 4 times faster than conventional orthodontic treatment.

Pros and Cons of Wilckodontics:


  • Shorter treatment time (3-4 times)
  • Decreased chance of root resorption following orthodontics
  • Increased Alveolar bone providing better support for your teeth and facial profile
  • Less likelihood for relapse
  • You can choose from metal, ceramic, or gold brackets, or even Invisalign.
  • Since teeth are moving through a softened bone, there is less discomfort associated with teeth movement (following each orthodontic adjustment) compared to traditional orthodontics.


  • More expensive than conventional braces
  • Being a mildly invasive surgery, it has its risks
  • Expect some swelling and tenderness immediately after surgery
  • Need to recover for a week and must stay away from school or work.

Total Treatment Time: 6 months

This is an example of a 25 year old patient, who had braces combined with Wilckodontics to correct a very narrow upper jaw and severe crowding of both upper and lower teeth.  He was seen 12 times at the office for a total time in braces of just 6 months.

Young man before Wilkodontics orthodontics treatment 
 The same young man after Wilkodontics orthodontics treatment
 Young man mandibular view before
 Young man mandibular view after
 Young man maxillar view before
 Young man maxillar view after
 Young man full view before
 Young man full view after