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Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

A model of a temporary anchorage device (TAD)A temporary anchorage device (TAD) is a device that is temporarily fixed to bone for the purpose of enhancing orthodontic anchorage and is removed at the completion of treatment. TADs can provide an anchorage point where tooth anchorage is not normally available Or eliminate the need to use a tooth as an anchor.

Orthodontics with TADs can reduce orthodontic treatment time by one third, Eliminate the need for a headgear, close most open bites without surgery and at times eliminate or decrease the need for rubber bands. In conventional orthodontic treatment, there are often unwanted tooth movements that occur when certain movements are attempted. TAD’s allow us to move only the teeth that we want to and thus help to not only shorten treatment but also to accomplish goals that are not achievable with regular braces.

Dr. Shadi Saba uses this new technology to replace headgear, close an open bite, open a deep bite, correct a Class II, correct a Class III, correct an occlusion asymmetry, upright a tipped molar in preparation for restoration without full braces, correct a single tooth crossbite without full braces.