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Lingual Braces Washington DC & Sterling VA

Harmony - Design your smile with the most advanced and somfortable lingual bracesThe term “lingual braces” refers to a method of orthodontic treatment where the brackets and wires that produce the patient’s tooth realignment are attached to the backside (palate or tongue side) of the teeth, as opposed to the front or cheek side like traditional braces. Harmony bracket system is the most advanced and comfortable of the lingual braces.

Some of the older lingual technology used stainless steel to fabricate the braces, resulting in a bulky feel. Today’s newer lingual braces are made to be contoured to each individual tooth in a smoother fashion.

Lingual braces have advantages over their traditional counterparts. The main advantage is cosmetic, as Lingual braces aren’t visible from the front which makes them an excellent option for patients who wish to avoid the highly-visible traditional braces. In addition, treatment time is reduced, this is due to the fact that the braces are 100% customized for you. Traditional braces aren’t suited to patients who play contact sports or certain wind instruments making Lingual braces the safest and most convenient option. Lingual braces can be used on patients of any age.

Lingual braces are really an advanced and modern evolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Lingual Braces take the noticeable, unaesthetic look of metal braces away. They also make dining out more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your braces.

 Mom showing off her straight teeth to her child

Harmony braces are the newest advancement in lingual braces or hidden braces placed behind the teeth.  Newer technology has made them more affordable and far more comfortable than the previous generation of lingual braces. Harmony braces are custom made specifically for each patient.