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Interceptive (Phase I) Treatment

The goal of Phase one treatment is to develop both jaws to ultimately  accommodate all permanent teeth and to correct upper and lower jaws so that they fit each other correctly.

Some children may develop early jaw problems as early as age four.  Your dentist can recognize the signs that early orthodontic treatment for your child may be necessary, he may see: one arch smaller than the other arch, or larger, too narrow or even too wide.

Most phase one treatments begin at the age of seven, this allows the specialist to take advantage of the child’s still developing bone growth.  Orthodontic appliances are used to encourage bone growth, these appliances are sometimes glued in place; other times are removable.  Dr. Saba offers complimentary consultations, so we, at Saba orthodontics, encourage you to take advantage of this service.  Early interceptive treatment can prevent the removal of adult teeth to correct overcrowding and eliminate the need for surgical procedures to expand or align the upper and lower jaws.  We have found that children aged 7-8 to be the most compliant of all our patients!