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Adult Orthodontics, Washington DC & Sterling VA

Orthodontic treaAdult orthodontics, captions says, We are both wearing braces. But it doesn't look like it!tment can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. It is more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene if the teeth are protruding and irregular, and patients who resent their teeth are less motivated to maintain regular and effective oral hygiene.   The National Research Council has reported that psychosocial impact of a dentofacial deformity is usually more important than the related physical problems. This is not to say that the physical impact is unimportant.  At Saba Orthodontics we recognize that many adults are concerned about esthetics and comfort.  We provide provide many treatment options for the busy adult who is concerned about the look or feel of braces.

Dr Saba has a multidisciplinary approach to treat her adult patients, by involving the patient’s general dentist and other dental specialists (when needed) to achieve a comprehensive treatment plan.  She customizes the treatment plan for each patient, based on their needs, offering different treatment options such as lingual braces (behind the teeth), or Invisalign, as well as clear braces.  For those patients interested in faster results, Dr Saba can combine one of the three options as an adjunct to the orthodontic appliances.